BlackBerry’s device ambiguity

Oh BlackBerry, you do infuriate me.

Sometimes I think you forget that you now have two distinct form factors in your line-up. How else can you explain broadcasting device-ambiguous #BB10Tips through your @BlackBerryHelp Twitter account?

Some are self-evident;

“Swipe down”…ok, that must relate to the Z10 not the Q10/5.

But then you get something like… “Looking for a message in the Hub? Hit S and start typing what you are looking for.”

…and you spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to perform this useful tip until you realize that it doesn’t work on the Z10’s virtual keyboard so must be a Q10 qwerty keypad shortcut.

At least that’s what I assume since nobody from @BlackBerryHelp actually replied to my tweet.















Maybe it’s just coincidence, but after a few “pokes” via Twitter it seems @BlackBerryHelp is now listing device within its help tweets;-)



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