“No dear, Mobile World Congress is not a mini-break”

I’ve attended Mobile World Congress every year for the last decade; and jolly good fun it is too. IMG-20120227-00146

In fact, perhaps I enjoy it too much because my wife believes it to be more “mini-break” than work. Every year I have to explain that a week at MWC will wipe at least a year from your life expectancy and while, yes, there are some good parties it’s hard work.

But I can kind of see her point. It’s dark and damp at home and I get to eat tapas in Barcelona. So this year I’m bringing her with me. To be precise, she’ll be flying out at the tail-end of the week on Wednesday and we’ll stay the weekend.

And this is where I need some help. As much as I want her to have a relaxing stay in Barcelona and see the sights, I also want her to experience a little bit of MWC! I want to take her on the “corporate” party circuit on Wednesday night so she can see that while my Facebook check-ins may suggest I’m in  a bar, there’s a modicum of work going on.

If you are hosting a party, or know of any, on the MWC Wednesday night (27th Feb) – please let me know and extend the hand of friendship to someone trying to convince his better half that MWC is not a mini-break!


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