Smartphone Shipments, Average Selling Prices and Market Share

For the last several weeks I’ve been part of a project at WDS to collate and analyse device manufacturer performance. It’s taken far longer than I ever anticipated, but after weeks of trawling through quarterly reports, scanning income statements and listening to earnings calls, it’s done.

The WDS Device Manufacturer: Performance Tracker is now ready and available to anyone that wants a better understanding of the fluctuations in smartphone market share, the rise and fall of Average Selling Prices and the maturation of product mixes.

Q1 2012 Highlights

  • 395m devices shipped.
  • 36.6% of these were smartphones; a 39% YoY improvement.
  • Shipments fell -12% from Q4 2011.
  • Two manufacturers now control almost 50% of the smartphone market, shipping 72m devices between them.
  • Samsung doubled its smartphone market share in 12 months (Q1 2011-Q1 2012)
  • Smartphones represent 40% of Samsung’s total shipments, up from 18% in Q1 2011.
  • The Average Selling Price is $257.65.
  • After Apple, HTC has the second highest ASP.
  • LG saw the greatest gain in ASP with a 42% YoY increase.

The team at WDS will be updating the document quarterly. We’ll be updating the document every quarter as we research and analyze the data. Q1 2012 material can be downloaded from where you can also read analysis of the numbers…register on the site and you’ll be sent updates as and when they are ready.

Smartphone market share

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