Hacking: Not the same as it was in 80’s

Is it just me or has the term ‘hacking’ lost nearly all of its meaning and credibility?

I hear people telling me…”Hey look, I’ve hacked my Apple TV” or “I hacked my Android device”…worse still “I hacked the latest Call of Duty game and blinged all of my weapons.”

…No you didn’t. You decoupled your smartphone from your carrier and changed access privileges, you changed the DNS on your Apple TV to get US content from Netflix from the UK and you entered a password to cheat in a game.

All fine…but hacking?  Not when you got the instructions from YouTube.

When I was growing up, hacking was the stuff of movie-legend and Matthew Broderick was king. It meant almost starting World War 3 by hacking into a military computer Wargames-style or changing your grades on the school’s database and then tooling around town in a Ferrari.

Bring back old school hacking. If you don’t use an acoustic coupler it just isn’t the same…

Now this is hacking....
Now this is hacking….