MontBlanc and the iPhone marketing-vacuum

The Apple iPhone marketing-vacuum strikes again.

Currently sat on a BA flight thumbing the High Life Shopping catalogue and it infuriates me that this sort mis-communication still exist – especially within an advertisement for a supposedly premium brand product…

Just read the advertisement. A premium MontBlanc mobile phone holder, apparently suitable for 3G, 3GS and 4G models.


If it wasn’t retailing for £108 I would have bought it just to try and return it and have a pedantic conversation with the returns department.

“Hi I bought the mobile phone holder and it doesn’t fit my phone.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. What phone do you have?”

“A BlackBerry 9900.”

“Ahh, the phone holder is only compatible with the iPhone.”

“But it says it’s compatible with a 3G phone, and my BlackBerry is 3G”

“No, it’s just iPhones.”

“But it doesn’t say that. It can’t just be iPhones, it says 4G, and that’s a standard network technology.”

“No, that’s an iPhone model.”

“But there’s no such thing as an iPhone 4G”

“Yes there is. I have one.”

“No, you have an iPhone 4. Is that what you mean?”

“Oh yes”

“And so what about the iPhone 4s, is the holder compatible with that?”

“No, the advert states 3G, 3Gs and 4G”

“You mean iPhone 4, 4G is a network technology remember.”


“But the 4s is near identical to the iPhone 4, it has the same measurements.”



Pedantic I know, but you get my point. MontBlanc is a premium brand, they should be doing better than this.  How on earth does this stuff get past supposed marketing professionals?