BT falls into the Apple / Android marketing vacuum.

Another [sort of] example of multi-channel confusion.

This is really starting to infuriate me. It seems marketing departments are either a) riding the Apple / Android wave or b) incompetent.

This example is from BT.

“All our broadband options come with FREE access to unlimited Wi-Fi broadband at over 3 million public hotspots ā€“ and you can connect how and when you want: on your laptop, netbook, Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iTouch.”

I imagine they think they are being helpful to consumers by spelling out technologies [by brand name] that can connect to their public wifi network. But I don’t see how this is of benefit.

Instead it only serves to exclude the 99% of other wifi-enabled devices that could connect equally well.

Of course, I know this to be the case, but what of the average consumer? Will they assume that they won’t be able to connect to the wifi network with their BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Android tablet etc? Will this impact their decision to buy, or influence their next device choice?

Read it. It doesn’t say “connect how you want; for example with your iPhone, iPad etc”.

It’s specific. “connect how you want: on your iPhone, iPad etc”

Seriously BT, what point are you trying to make? It’s wifi. It’s a standard. There are no brand specific device restrictions in place. Do you think it’ll make you on trend or more attractive to certain consumers?

If you really have to give examples, why not wifi enabled laptop, smartphone or tablet?

Isn’t that enough?