Tesco runs out of stock on apostrophes

Tesco has one of the most recognised and powerful brands in the UK.

Its brand values are deeply enshrined in ‘value’. But does this sentiment extend to saving on print costs at the expense of basic grammar?

tesco runs out of apostrophes

It amazes me that the UK’s largest retailer can erect banners like this outside of one of its latest flagship ‘extra’ stores and not feel slightly ashamed at the damage it does. OK, I go to Tesco looking for value, but I still expect a professional and slick ‘experience’. When I’m greeted by something like this, my heart sinks.

As a marketing professional I’m just amazed that this stuff still gets past artwork approval. It smacks of incompetence. Is there really nobody looking at this material? It’s not like someone is being asked to spell ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’….it’s just an apostrophe.

To make matters worse, I spotted another example at the fuel pumps as I was leaving. In this instance it even looks like they left a space for an apostrophe, but simply forgot to put it in.tesco2 runs out of apostrophes

Tesco has been hit with negative press in the past about its application of basic English.

Could the store manager please run down aisle 27, grab a marker pen and make the corrections himself!


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