App advertising: Breaking the iPhone ‘safety net’

Look what I spotted in the current issue of British Airways’ in-flight magazine. “Is that a…? No it can’t be. Yes it is…it’s a Nokia!” This is good see and it somewhat surprised me. So often (when advertising an app or piece of smartphone functionality), companies default to the iPhone. Nice to see something different (and a device with a bit of color!). Great exposure for Nokia and Windows Phone, and well done to BA for not defaulting to the obvious (although I do wonder if Nokia paid for product placement… a clever move seeing as I saw it on … Continue reading App advertising: Breaking the iPhone ‘safety net’

Windows Phone 7 needs to keep the Office lights on

Cross-posted to my company blog ( The industry is awash with Windows Phone 7 right now. But of all the commentary that’s flying about, very little has really touched on Microsoft’s key motivations for the OS. Had this  ‘just‘ been about smartphone operating systems,  I don’t think anyone would have been surprised by Microsoft’s retirement from the race. Redmond’s marketshare for smartphone OSs  has been on an annual slide for many years and now sits around 5%. Given the dramatic shift in the market since it’s last major releas, from the open source trend to an app-centric experience, why is … Continue reading Windows Phone 7 needs to keep the Office lights on