The most stupid CFO in history?

I walked passed this banner advert at Mobile World Congress 2013 every day for almost a week, and every day it bugged me even more. In its bid to speak to vendors looking to sell into operators I can [sort of] get where Juniper Networks was going; but read it, deconstruct it… There’s a CFO in Delhi. His financial acumen is responsible for delivering value to shareholders, not to mention his responsibility for keeping thousands of employees in work. ..but guess what? He’s gambling all of this….pension funds, job security, the lot….on “services” that don’t exist. Well that’s just dandy. … Continue reading The most stupid CFO in history?

Microsoft and BlackBerry absent from MWC?

I first got a little suspicious a couple of weeks ago when I searched on the GSMA website. Looking through the list of Mobile World Congress exhibitors I noticed a couple of absences; Microsoft and BlackBerry. Neither was listed, and neither seemed very forthcoming in responding to my tweets asking about their plans for the event. Seems we now have an answer courtesy of @telecomssahota at has had a little more success and has spoken to Microsoft and BlackBerry directly. If it’s true and my suspicions were right, it’ll be a real shame. I don’t see how either … Continue reading Microsoft and BlackBerry absent from MWC?

MWC: If the pickpockets don’t get you the hotels will

During MWC week the city is plagued by street crime. I should know, I had my wallet stolen on day one of the show back in 2011. I’ll be attending again this year and I’m preparing myself to robbed once again, just in a more “legitimate” manner. Finding suitable accommodation in the city during MWC week is an annual challenge and I’ve been hunting around for a suitable hotel. Now, I’m not naïve to the concept of supply and demand, but how a company prices its services and “presents” them to consumers can have a real impact on the brand. … Continue reading MWC: If the pickpockets don’t get you the hotels will

Falling for the Cult of Android – a personal account

A lesson in marketing, viral communities and exhibition swag …and what it means to all of us. Sometimes the benefits of attending a trade show like Mobile World Congress can be quite subtle and only after a few hours does it strike you that you’ve actually seen something quite profound. I’ve just had one of those days, only it wasn’t a new smartphone or tablet that I’d seen, it was the birth of a cult. It was being played out in front of my very eyes, I was part of it, and only later did I realise what was happening. … Continue reading Falling for the Cult of Android – a personal account

Surfing at Mobile World Congress 2010

The OMTP team were in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2010 to promote the BONDI terminal initiative, and taking inspiration from the name they tirelessly carried a BONDI branded surf board around the exhibition halls, taking snaps of delegates posing with it as they went. It was a great PR effort, designed to raise awareness about the program, and they captured hundreds of delegates / companies posing with the board. I only got snapped with the ‘mini-board’, but check out their Flickr stream to see the full size board on its tour of Barcelona. Good work chaps! The Bondi terminal … Continue reading Surfing at Mobile World Congress 2010