What Flash does to iPhone battery performance

Battery performance across mobile devices is something of an interest point for me. I think it’s largely due to the fact that almost everything in this industry conforms to Moore’s Law (doubling in speed / performance every 12 months), expect for battery performance. Any increase in efficiency is quickly sucked-up to assure the performance of power-hungry innovations such as 3G/4G radios, backlight touchscreens, wifi, more powerful processors etc. As a result, battery performance hasn’t shifted much in the last few years. In fact, poor battery life remains one of the most common criticisms of the iPhone. Most smartphones will struggle … Continue reading What Flash does to iPhone battery performance

Battery indicators are meaningless

Each day we are guided by iconography. It’s become part of our lexicon – from road signs to desktop icons. In most cases, an iconographic approach is an efficient means of conveying complex information in a more visual and universal way, and in a way that’s removed from language barriers. Even across platforms, commonality between icons has naturally evolved to benefit the consumer. In the world of computing, an envelope often represents email, a speaker for volume control, a key or padlock for security, etc. However, there are some images and symbols that we’ve lived with for many years, that … Continue reading Battery indicators are meaningless