Skydrive: A case of mistaken identity

When I first read this headline, I had to check that it wasn’t 1st April.  Could Sky, a television and communications business, really have forced Microsoft to rename its cloud storage solution, Skydrive? My first reaction was one of incredulity (I thought Apple had the market for petty legal attacks in the bag). In its case, BskyB made reference to customers who, having had problems with Skydrive, contacted the broadcaster’s helpline for support rather than go to Microsoft. Read through the court transcripts and there are only seventeen such cases of this occurring. Across all of its operating markets the … Continue reading Skydrive: A case of mistaken identity

Netflix: International Continuity

I’m a huge Netflix fan. The service works very well, and must take credit for introducing me to the brilliance that is Breaking Bad. I’m in the US right now and Netflix updates available content depending on your locale. With jet-lag waking me at 4am I fired up my iPad to catch up with Season 5 of Breaking Bad…but it’s not available here. I was always under the impression that UK users were a little short-changed for content compared to the US. Seems that’s not true! I’m assuming it has something to do with broadcast rights, and given that Breaking … Continue reading Netflix: International Continuity

iPad Mini buyer profile

I’ve had a little play with the iPad Mini. I can see some benefit, especially when travelling, of having a smaller form factor. Interestingly, I’ve spoken to several people who have one (or have ordered one) and two clearobservations emerged: It’s their first iPad product (but not their first Apple product) The decision to buy this (rather than a full size model) was based on price. Coming in under the magic £299 mark is a big psychological win and an easier price-point for many consumers to stomach. Finally – this is amusing and worthy of a post; if only because … Continue reading iPad Mini buyer profile

MontBlanc and the iPhone marketing-vacuum

The Apple iPhone marketing-vacuum strikes again. Currently sat on a BA flight thumbing the High Life Shopping catalogue and it infuriates me that this sort mis-communication still exist – especially within an advertisement for a supposedly premium brand product… Just read the advertisement. A premium MontBlanc mobile phone holder, apparently suitable for 3G, 3GS and 4G models. Uh? If it wasn’t retailing for £108 I would have bought it just to try and return it and have a pedantic conversation with the returns department. “Hi I bought the mobile phone holder and it doesn’t fit my phone.” “Oh, I’m sorry. … Continue reading MontBlanc and the iPhone marketing-vacuum

That PR buzz…

End of a long, but very satisfying, week. I’ve spent the best part of 2 months working on a study looking at the hardware performance of Android devices and the implications for Total Cost of Ownership for mobile operators. This week, our PR agency ran a media tour for key journalists and analysts. The response has been fantastic and we’ve secured coverage in national newspapers (The Guardian, The Telegraph, Wall Street Journal) as well as publications including Wired and Mobile Europe. It’s so satisfying to see such interest in your labour of love and I’d forgotten the buzz of media … Continue reading That PR buzz…

When hotel wifi becomes a good idea

I’ve been sent a new mobile broadband USB ‘dongle’ from O2 to replace the one I’ve been using for the last 18 months. Good timing, the old one is a little unreliable now and I’ve got three days on the road ahead of me. I figured the 90 minute train journey into London would be a good opportunity to install the software. This was a bad idea. In fact, I’m amazed that a Tier One operator still hasn’t got the basic ‘out of box’ experience right. Here’s how that 90 minute train journey was spent… Dongle is nicely packaged with … Continue reading When hotel wifi becomes a good idea