“98% same as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy”!

Clones, clones, clones. It’s no longer just the iPhone that’s the target of cheap Chinese clones. It seems Samsung is now a victim of its own success and [its Galaxy devices] also the subject of the copycats. Here’s an email … Continue reading “98% same as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy”!

Self-proclaimed geeks. Stop it

People, please stop with proclaiming yourselves to be “geeks” and “nerds”. You know who you are. Self-proclamation to a sub-culture is never really a good idea. If you self-deprecatingly declare yourself a geek or nerd, chances are you aren’t one. To be honest geek/nerdism isn’t even a sub-culture anymore. I hear people every day describe themselves as geeks as some sort of badge of honour. It makes me cringe and every time you say it a fairy dies (probably). It’s all completely self-defeating. I always thought (and web definitions seem to agree) of geeks as those with an eccentric devotion to an interest slightly … Continue reading Self-proclaimed geeks. Stop it

The most stupid CFO in history?

I walked passed this banner advert at Mobile World Congress 2013 every day for almost a week, and every day it bugged me even more. In its bid to speak to vendors looking to sell into operators I can [sort of] get where Juniper Networks was going; but read it, deconstruct it… There’s a CFO in Delhi. His financial acumen is responsible for delivering value to shareholders, not to mention his responsibility for keeping thousands of employees in work. ..but guess what? He’s gambling all of this….pension funds, job security, the lot….on “services” that don’t exist. Well that’s just dandy. … Continue reading The most stupid CFO in history?

Tilt-shift; the equivalent of using Comic Sans

Being 2013 and all, I was really hoping that television producers would have got over their fascination with applying a tilt-shift “miniturization” effect to their programming. Alas no. Channel 4 is the worst offender. Not a show goes by that doesn’t employ the effect. Why? What visual or narrative improvement am I getting? It’s not a new technique, and its early days tilt-shift was sparingly applied for narrative purpose; perhaps to show the perspective of a child or to show control over disorder. Today Kirstie and Phil use it to sell a 1930’s 3-bed semi in Crawley. The problem is, … Continue reading Tilt-shift; the equivalent of using Comic Sans

Things you don’t expect when shopping for a tablet in Currys

When shopping for technology I appreciate the ability to “try before I buy”. Having an in-store demo unit on display (and not a password protected / or dummy unit) is really important to most consumers looking to make in-store comparisons. Last weekend was a great example of this. I was shopping for a 7″ tablet for my daughter in a local branch of Currys. As an iPad family, I wanted to compare the experience on a few cheaper Android tablets. In particular, I wanted to know that my 7 year old daughter was comfortable with an Android device and could easily … Continue reading Things you don’t expect when shopping for a tablet in Currys