Churn & Customer Value Management in Telecoms

I’ll be speaking this month in Prague, chairing the Churn & Customer Value Management in Telecoms conference. Some great speakers have been lined up (O2 UK, Tele2, 3UK, TTNET, Vodafone etc). I’ll be keeping a live blog / Twitter stream throughout the event. If you are planning to attend, feel free to connect with me in advance. More information at Continue reading Churn & Customer Value Management in Telecoms

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping has become an important exercise for mobile operators looking to improve the customer experience. Here are some best practice guidelines for anyone thinking of running a journey mapping project. The customer journey (how your customer progress through your business from acquisition and beyond) is typically “owned” by several functional groups within a business. This makes customer journey mapping is a worthwhile exercise. It focuses the organization around a common goal where the outcome is improved Customer Lifetime Value (profitability & retention) and not just P&L improvements within individual functional areas of a business. However, conducting a customer … Continue reading Customer Journey Mapping

“Disruptive”. Investor-pleasing rhetoric with little substance?

In an interview with the Financial Times this week, HTC CEO Peter Chou talked of the company launching a tablet in the near future. He stated that the product would be disruptive. Disruptive. What a nebulous statement that has become. I’m sure it resonates well among the investment community keen to see HTC’s fortunes reenergized, but for folks within the technology space it’s difficult to see the form in which HTC’s tablet disruption will manifest. Industrial Design: HTC has some pedigree here. The HTC One smartphone is a beautiful piece of industrial design, milled from a single block of aluminium, … Continue reading “Disruptive”. Investor-pleasing rhetoric with little substance?

Hiding behind NPS because “It sounds about right”…

After two days at [another] customer experience conference I’m getting increasingly disillusioned and disappointed in the telcoms industry that I love. At least 50% of presentations from mobile operators and vendors focused almost exclusively on Net Promoter Score (NPS). This 10 year old measurement technique has become a crutch for the industry; if your NPS is better than your competitors then your customer experience must be great and you’ll have loyal customers. Right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Now, I agree that NPS is a useful satisfaction and advocacy metric. But it’s just one tool that needs wider context and needs to be complimented by wider … Continue reading Hiding behind NPS because “It sounds about right”…

It’s 2013. Having a website, even an app, is no longer a badge of honour

I’m not singling out Ikea here, there’s a list of guilty advertisers that should also take note of what I’m about to say. When telling your customers how they can shop with you, stop mixing platforms with the adjective for connectedness, “online”. It’s become de rigueur for many brands to add a strap along the lines of; “Instore, Online, Mobile” to their advertising. But it’s meaningless and makes you sound naive . The lines between different forms of connectivity have blurred too much  for this to make any sense. I can be online on my mobile. I’m assuming that by online, they mean their website (as … Continue reading It’s 2013. Having a website, even an app, is no longer a badge of honour

Skydrive: A case of mistaken identity

When I first read this headline, I had to check that it wasn’t 1st April.  Could Sky, a television and communications business, really have forced Microsoft to rename its cloud storage solution, Skydrive? My first reaction was one of incredulity (I thought Apple had the market for petty legal attacks in the bag). In its case, BskyB made reference to customers who, having had problems with Skydrive, contacted the broadcaster’s helpline for support rather than go to Microsoft. Read through the court transcripts and there are only seventeen such cases of this occurring. Across all of its operating markets the … Continue reading Skydrive: A case of mistaken identity