It’s 2013. Having a website, even an app, is no longer a badge of honour

I’m not singling out Ikea here, there’s a list of guilty advertisers that should also take note of what I’m about to say. When telling your customers how they can shop with you, stop mixing platforms with the adjective for connectedness, “online”. It’s become de rigueur for many brands to add a strap along the lines of; “Instore, Online, Mobile” to their advertising. But it’s meaningless and makes you sound naive . The lines between different forms of connectivity have blurred too much  for this to make any sense. I can be online on my mobile. I’m assuming that by online, they mean their website (as … Continue reading It’s 2013. Having a website, even an app, is no longer a badge of honour

The most stupid CFO in history?

I walked passed this banner advert at Mobile World Congress 2013 every day for almost a week, and every day it bugged me even more. In its bid to speak to vendors looking to sell into operators I can [sort of] get where Juniper Networks was going; but read it, deconstruct it… There’s a CFO in Delhi. His financial acumen is responsible for delivering value to shareholders, not to mention his responsibility for keeping thousands of employees in work. ..but guess what? He’s gambling all of this….pension funds, job security, the lot….on “services” that don’t exist. Well that’s just dandy. … Continue reading The most stupid CFO in history?

App advertising: Breaking the iPhone ‘safety net’

Look what I spotted in the current issue of British Airways’ in-flight magazine. “Is that a…? No it can’t be. Yes it is…it’s a Nokia!” This is good see and it somewhat surprised me. So often (when advertising an app or piece of smartphone functionality), companies default to the iPhone. Nice to see something different (and a device with a bit of color!). Great exposure for Nokia and Windows Phone, and well done to BA for not defaulting to the obvious (although I do wonder if Nokia paid for product placement… a clever move seeing as I saw it on … Continue reading App advertising: Breaking the iPhone ‘safety net’

Unlocked iPhones and the expectant consumer

Ian Fogg has written an interesting piece looking at how the same unlocked iPhone performs when connected to different operator networks. He has a wider angle; being that Apple’s position in the ecosystem could develop into something more threatening to operators should they look at progressing the idea of a secure embedded SIM. However, much of the piece (and certainly the reader responses) focuses on the notion that “As consumers pay the full unsubsidized price for these iPhones, buyers expect to have complete control over their devices. Network operators should have no say on how they’re used. But that’s not … Continue reading Unlocked iPhones and the expectant consumer

PC PRO runs iPhone ‘Antennagate’ commentary

Following my blog post yesterday , PC PRO magazine ran some commentary… ————————————————————————————————- The number of customers affected by iPhone 4’s antenna issues is likely to be far higher than Apple reported, according to industry insiders. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that only 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers had contacted the company’s support desk to complain about reception issue, in last week’s press conference. However, that represents only a tiny fraction of the customers affected by the issue, according to WDS Global, a company that provides customer support desks for several leading phone networks and handset manufacturers. Saying that … Continue reading PC PRO runs iPhone ‘Antennagate’ commentary

Let me share my mobile data / Quoted in The Times

Got a brief quote in The Times newspaper this weekend. In today’s connected world, subscriptions / access methods offered by mobile carriers are really starting to show their age. Gone are the days when you needed a single subscription to power your mobile phone. The arrival of connected devices such as netbooks and tablets means that an increasing number of consumers require two or more subscriptions to power their multiple devices. Why can’t my mobile data ‘pipe’ be shared easily across multiple devices (in the way that my ADSL line powers my desktop, laptop, iPad and PS3)? The practice of … Continue reading Let me share my mobile data / Quoted in The Times